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Mini Donkey Grooming

Mini Donkey GroomingGrooming is not an absolute requirement for your miniature donkey pets. They will live if you don’t brush them. However, brushing is good for them and most of them really like to be pampered so you will probably want to do that! Some people shave their donkeys in early summer if they live in an area where the weather is hot, just to make them more comfortable or to get some of their shaggy winter hair off.

If you want to “show” your donkeys, grooming will be required. You will need to bathe your donkeys before the show and learn to shave and trim their hair. The reason for shaving your miniature donkey’s hair short for a show is to make it easier for the judge to assess the animal’s condition. There may be guidelines for trimming your donkey in the show rules book. The rule books should be available through the show promoters or from local clubs who sponsor the shows. Also, guidelines for trimming your donkey for show may be found in magazines such as The Brayer or The Asset. (Refer to our  ASStonishing Links on the lower right.)

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